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Electric Universe 2012 Conference:
The Human Story

1: Donald Scott Lecture
The Electronic Sun

2: Wallace Thornhill Lecture
Returning Science to Real Physics

Retired professor of electrical engineering Donald Scott describes an analogy between observed solar activity and the well-known behavior of solid-state transistors. Astronomers have no idea what causes the fluctuations in the solar wind. The transistor analogy represents a simple and understandable mechanism, publicly presented for the first time at the EU 2012 conference.

Returning Science to Real Physics appeals to direct evidence and common sense. The Electric Universe paradigm requires a field of view much broader than that offered by specialized science, according to EU theorist Wallace Thornhill. A physicist and natural philosopher, Thornhill has spent decades questioning popular ideas about the physical world. In the past 15 years, he has laid a broad foundation for the Electric Universe understanding.


Filmed by Ben Ged Low  at the 2012 Electric Universe Conference: The Human Story.  (Approximately 1 hour 52 minutes.)

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Electronic Sun/Returning Science DVD                                          $25.00

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