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1994 International Symposium on Velikovsky

Selected Lectures in a 4 DVD set.

These four DVDs include about 11.5 hours of lectures that were given at this historic conference that marked the coalescing of both the current Thunderbolts group and the Electric Universe and the Saturnian Reconstruction. For the first time, the stage was set to begin the integration of:

  • an approximate fourfold increase in gravity that ended the age of most dinosaurs and megafauna

  • a model of the Saturnian configuration that explains the global symbols and myths of ancient people

  • an understanding of why the ancients were obsessed with warring planet gods hurling thunderbolts as their primary weapon

  • the rearrangement of the solar system using energy transfers explained not by mass and gravity but by electrical forces

  • the realization that most remarkable geological formations, including the rilles and craters that abound in the solar system as well as the earth, are electric discharge excavations and scars

  • the understanding that mankind still suffers Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome with guilt, amnesia, and denial caused by the tragic global violence, destruction, and death from planet-interacting catastrophes.

Disc 1

1 Roger Wescott
2 Irving Wolfe
3 Victor Clube
4 Irving Wolfe
5 Victor Clube
6 William Mullen
7 Ev Cochrane
8 Richard Heinberg

Disc 2

1 Intro
2 Vine Deloria
3 Charles Ginenthal
4 Lynn Rose
5 Bauer/Panel
6 Clube/Panel

Disc 3

1 Irving Wolfe
2 Clube/Panel
3 Ted Holden
4 Dwardu Cardona
5 Victor Clube
6 Panel
7 Roger Wescott

Disc 4

1 Duane Vorhees
2 Wal Thornhill
3 Gunnar Heinsohn
4 Eric Miller

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1994 Velikovsky Symposium lectures 4 DVD set                  $80.00

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