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Table of Contents

PENSÉE, "Immanuel Velikovsky Reconsidered"

Journal I  May, 1972

A Look at the Evidence - The Editors
A Short Biography
The Scientific Mafia - David Stove
Collisions and Upheavals
A Record of Success
Are the Moon's Scars Only 3000 Years Old? - Immanuel Velikovsky
How Stable is the Solar System? - C. J. Ransom
Lunar Rocks and Velikovsky's Claims - Derek York
When Was the Lunar Surface Last Molten? - Immanuel Velikovsky
Effects of Volatility on Rubidium-Strontium Dating - Robert C. Wright
Magnetic Remanence of Lunar Rocks: A Candid Look at Scientific Misbehavior - Robert Treash
On Decoding Hawkins' Stonehenge Decoded - Immanuel Velikovsky
The Censorship of Velikovsky's Interdisciplinary Synthesis - Lynn Rose
The Center Holds - William Mullen
Shapley, Velikovsky and the Scientific Spirit - Horace Kallen
Velikovsky at Harvard - Stephen L. Talbott
Is Venus' Heat Decreasing? - Immanuel Velikovsky


Akhnaten, Aten and Venus Reconsidered - Lewis M. Greenberg
Could Mars Have Been an Inner Planet? - Lynn Rose
The Orbits of Mars, Earth and Venus - Lynn Rose & Raymond Vaughan
Venus' Circular Orbit - Chris Sherrerd

Journal II   Fall, 1972

Reconciling Celestial Mechanics and Velikovskian Catastrophism - Ralph Juergens
Velikovsky: Science or Anti-science - W C. Straka
Straka: Science or Anti-science  Anatomy of a Criticism - Immanuel Velikovsky
Velikovsky on the Formation of Coal - Wilfrid Francis
H. H. Hess and My Memoranda - Immanuel Velikovsky
Oedipus and Akhnaton - Cyrus Gordon
Akhnaton: A Geneticist's View - Cyril D. Darlington



NASA - Ames • Lewis and Clark Symposium • Science and Decency • Velikovsky: Bonds of the Past • Censor­ship • Planetarium Show • Loren Eiseley • Pensee in the Classroom

The Breaking Edge

Cosmic Violence • Atmosphere of Venus • The Moon • Mars • Carbon 14 Fluctuations • Anatomy of Pharaohs • Ben Franklin


Notes on Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky - P. P. M. Meincke
Velikovsky's Critics and Catastrophism - I an Maclver
A Classroom Experiment - H. B. Keller
Is Asteroid Toro a Remnant of Comet-Planet Collision? - Robert Treash
Apocalypse, a poem - Ann Deagon
A Call to Action - Joseph May
Personal Notes

Journal III  Winter, 1973

From the Editor
A Quantitative Test for Catastrophic Theories - Euan W MacKie
Challenge to the Integrity of Science Excerpts - Euan W MacKie
A Reading of the Pyramid Texts  - William Mullen
The Orientation of the Pyramids - Immanuel Velikovsky
Babylonian Observations of Venus - Lynn E. Rose
The Orbits of Venus - C. J. Ransom and L. H. Hoffee
Earth without a Moon - Immanuel Velikovsky
The Lion Gate at Mycenae - Lewis M. Greenberg
The Lion Gate at Mycenae - Immanuel Velikovsky
Velikovsky's Challenge to the Scientific Establishment - Sidney Willhelm
On Celestial Mechanics. - A supplement
   Martin Kruskal, Ralph Juergens, C.E.R. Bruce, Melvin A. Cook


The Papyrus Ipuwer. - Confirmation of Velikovsky's claims.
Courses on Velikovsky
Censorship.  Natural History refuses ad as too "controversial.
Scientific Refereeing. - An adversary process.
Velikovsky at Princeton
Teotihuacan - The City of the GodsA drama.
Miscellaneous.- Cometary Venus; BBC documentary; planetarium programs; radiocarbon dating.


The Synthesis of Manna - Wong Kee Kuong
Giordano Bruno's View on the Earth without a Moon - A. M. Paterson

Journal IV   Spring - Summer, 1973

Editor’s Page
The Radiocarbon Dating Method - W. F. Libby
The Pitfalls of Radiocarbon Dating - Immanuel Velikovsky
The Ages of Bristlecone Pine - Herbert C. Sorensen
Radiocarbon Dating and Velikovskian Catastrophism - Thomas Mowles
Carbon 14 Dates and Velikovsky’s Revision of Ancient History:
Ages in Chaos in the light of C14 Archaeometry - Albert W. Burgstahler and Euan W. MacKie
Astronomy and Chronology - Immanuel Velikovsky
A Comparison of the Revised and Conventional Chronologies - Immanuel Velikovsky

Journal V   Fall, 1973  

Metallurgy and Chronology - Immanuel Velikovsky
A Criticism of the Revised Chronology - William H. Stiebing, Jr.
The El-Amarna Letters & the Ancient Records of Assyria and Babylonia - Albert W Burgstahler
The Velocity of Light in Relation to Moving Bodies  - Immanuel Velikovsky
Eclipses in Ancient Times - Immanuel Velikovsky
On Cosmic Electricity. - A Supplement Martin Kruskal, Ralph Juergens, C. E. R. Bruce, Eric W Crew


"Support forVelikovsky." - A poll of scientists.
Comets and Catastrophes
Eiros and Charmion  A short story - Edgar Allan Poe
The Venus Greenhouse Theory - Further evidence against it
Velikovsky and the Media
On That BBC Film
Miscellaneous  An honorary degree for Velikovsky,— another NASA invitation,—the (dis)orientation of the pyramids,—scientists and men; "The Velikovsky Affair" now available,— on the lecture circuit,— archaeology in 2973 A.D.


Gyroscopic Precession and Celestial Axis Displacement     C. S. Sherrerd
A Note on Rockenbach's De Cometis - Carter Sutherland
The Logic of Theory-Testing: Some Criticisms of MacKie, with reply by MacKie - Lynn E. Rose
Hittites and Their Skulls - Lewis M. Greenberg
Oedipus and Akhnaton
and the Use of Evidence in Worlds in Collision - Lewis M. Greenberg
The Origin of Certain Unexplained Depressions - C. J. Ransom

Journal VI   Winter, 1973-74

A Symposium Announcement
ASH—A Historical Record
Venus Clouds: Test for Hydrocarbons - William T. Plummer
Venus and Hydrocarbons - Immanuel Velikovsky
The Nature of the Cytherean Atmosphere - Albert W.  Burgstahler
Venus' Atmosphere - Immanuel Velikovsky
On Stiebing - Immanuel Velikovsky
1.  A Reply to Stiebing
    2.  Scarabs
    3.  Tiryns
China's Dragon - Carter Sutherland
Atlantis - Lewis M. Greenberg


"Velikovsky's Challenge to Science." - An American Association for the Advancement of Science Symposium.
A New Chapter in the "Velikovsky Affair." - Ernst Opik
Yet Another Chapter - Carl Sagan.
On the Lecture Circuit. - Velikovsky at NASA Langley, IBM, and elsewhere.


Journal VII   Spring, 1974

 "Velikovsky and the Recent History of the Solar System"—A symposium
Three additional symposia
My Challenge to Conventional Science - Immanuel Velikovsky
Mechanics Bears Witness - Irving Michelson
"Velikovsky's Challenge to Science" - The story of a symposium
The Genesis of a Symposium
San Francisco, February 25, 1974   THE DAY OF ATONEMENT
On the Need for "Serious Scientific Meetings" - An editorial
Mulholland's Arguments: A Brief Assessment
Electricity Absent from Sagan's Astrophysics
A Letter to Science
For the Benefit of the Press
Review, notes and letters
The Atom and Oil

Journal VIII   Summer, 1974

Notes on this Issue
The Titius-Bode Law and the Evolution of the Solar System - M. M. Nieto
Bode's Law without Venus
Did Worlds Collide?Robert W. Bass
"Proofs" of the Stability of the Solar System - Robert W. Bass
Velikovsky and the Sequence of Planetary Orbits - Lynn E. Rose and Raymond C. Vaughan
The Lengths of the Year - Lynn E. Rose


"Velikovsky and the Recent History of the Solar System."  - Report on the symposium.
Guardians of the Boundaries of Science - Nature, Isaac Asimov, and others,- Today isn't 1950.
The Titius-Bode Law of Planetary Distances. - Reviewed by Irving Michelson.
Electrical Discharges and the Transmutation of Elements. - Ralph E. Juergens



Journal IX   Fall, 1974

Notes on this Issue
Applying the Revised Chronology - Israel M. Isaacson
Of the Moon and Mars.  Part I - Ralph E. Juergens
Radiometric Dating: Is the "Decay Constant" Constant? - John Lynde Anderson and
George W. Spangler
The Mesoamerican Record - William Mullen
Myth and the Origin of Religion - Vine Deloria, Jr.

Journal X   Winter, 1974-75

Notes on this Issue
Megalithic Astronomy and Catastrophism - Euan W. MacKie
The Scandal of Enkomi - Immanuel Velikovsky
Rejoinder to Velikovsky - William H. Stiebing, Jr.
A Concluding Retort - Immanuel Velikovsky
Of the Moon and Mars. Part 2 - Ralph E. Juergens


Why Pensee? - Reflections upon completion of our tenth issue  Looking to the future.
On the Symposium Trail - Duquesne History Forum.  Philosophy of Science Association
"Velikovsky and Cultural Amnesia" - The University of Lethbridge symposium.
Scientifically Speaking - 19-year lunar calendar cycle -365 1/4 day civil calendar - Irving M. Michelson

Supplemental Articles regarding "The Velikovsky Affair"

Freeing the Log Jam - Euan W MacKie
Letter from Claude Schaeffer to Velikovsky
Notes from New Scientist - Joe Shaib
A Lead to Follow: A Look Back - The editors
A Belated Reply to Michaelson Regarding the Metonic Cycle

Subject Index

Pensee Subject Index

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