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Articles & Products Supporting the Pre-historical Reconstruction and Plasma Cosmology
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Selected Articles

Special Scientific articles

The Corruption of Science in America

Halton Arp's paper, on the discovery of a large cluster of quasars with the same redshift, is now available on his site, after being with a journal for 2 years before being rejected.

The Cosmic Power Grid  An article written by James Hogan of Kicking the Sacred Cow fame.

Reflections on Deep Impact  An article about the predictions and findings of NASA's Deep Impact Mission to Comet Tempel 1

Reconciling Celestial Mechanics  This article by Ralph Juergens was published in the Pensee Journal: Immanuel Velikovsky Reconsidered II. published in Portland, Oregon in the Fall of 1972.

Velikovsky's Ghost  An article about the ghost of Velikovsky coming back to haunt the halls of science and cosmology.

Velikovsky's Challenge to Science  A simple, straightforward challenge from Immanuel Velikovsky for mainstream science to consider his findings.

The Origins of Modern Geological Theory A must-read article showing that modern geological theory was developed by non-geologists with a political, religious agenda to undermine prevailing religion-supported monarchy.

The Tragedy of Einstein and Relativity Einstein's Relativity is now accepted as a faith, despite it's violations of logic. It is past time to wrestle this dogma to the ground.

Ancient Petroglyphs and Plasma A recent article by Anthony Peratt titled, "Characteristics for the Occurrence of a High-Density Z-Pinch Aurora as Recorded in Antiquity"

World Won't End the Way You Think An article by Michael Goodspeed explaining some of the aspects of world-threatening possibilities.

Electric Universe Research Summary Articles

Articles by James Hogan:
Electricity Powers the Universe

Glowing in the Plasma:
The Electrical Interpretation of Comets

The Craters are Electric
Article written by Michael Goodspeed

Lewis M. Greenberg and Warner B. Sizemore

The Pensee Journals

Selected articles from the Velikovskian

Selected articles from KRONOS

Selected Planet Mythology & Chronology Articles

Dr. Ralph S. Pacini article on Troy: The Trojan War moved from myth to reality in the late nineteenth century with the discovery of the ruins of an ancient eastern Mediterranean city identified as the Troy of Homer. After a century of extensive study by archeologists and historians, many puzzling problems remain about the relationship of Troy to other Mediterranean sites. These problems appear to be primarily chronological, including a requisite "dark age" for Greece.

The Road to Saturn The story of Author Dwardu Cardona’s intellectual journey, a lifetime devoted to the reconstruction of ancient times involving the central figure of the original, best sun—Saturn.

The Saturn Thesis An In-depth Interview with David Talbott, perhaps best known for his 1980 book, The Saturn Myth, has been researching the Saturnian reconstruction of ancient times since the 1970s. Since then he has published much about the subject. Following a November 1994 symposium held in Portland, Oregon, Talbott decided to devote his time to the production of a series of videos, in lieu of the written word, through which he intends to better illustrate his Saturnian thesis. Throughout the years, continuing research has modify and improve various aspects of his unfolding Saturnian scenario, although the basic premise behind it remains unchanged. In an endeavor to clarify his present understandings, he has granted AEON time for a series of interviews, of which the following is, hopefully, only the first.

Samson Revealed An in-depth study of the myths concerning Samson and how it relates to the ancient mythology surrounding the planet-god Mars.

Aphrodite Revealed Throughout the ancient world, one is everywhere confronted by the numen of the mother goddess. Intimately associated with a seemingly endless array of phenomena—love, birth, death, fertility, war, weaving, magic, kingship, marriage, maidenhood, mourning, etc.—the goddess was invoked at most of the principal rituals and functions that characterize culture. Her titles, befitting her many areas of influence, are legion: Queen of Heaven, Warrior, Kore, Harlot, Mother Earth, Queen of the Underworld, etc. If her cult is no longer as all-pervasive as it once was, it is still very much alive, having been gradually sublimated and assimilated into countless niches of modern religious experience.

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