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If you are uncomfortable with the equally implausible literal creationist or the modern mythology version of what happened in the ancient times, then these 518 pages will show you that the sky earlier man remembers was entirely different from the one that now stretches above us.

This is firmly supported through ancient texts, artwork, and symbology from all over the world which deal with the astronomical lore of our forebears. As if with a single voice, these sources proclaim that the present planet we know as Saturn once shone as an earlier sun in Earth's primordial sky.

This claim receives credence through the fact that astronomers now view the planet Saturn as the remnant of what had once been a brown dwarf star. It also goes a long way in explaining why Saturn was considered the "ruler of the planets", and why the god of that planet is found at the head of every ancient pantheon on earth. Ra, Brahma, Kronos, Moloch, and Shamash are some of the more familiar names for the supreme god Saturn. It also explains a plethora of perplexing other information including why the original name for Rome was Saturnia, and why Italy was called the land of Saturn.

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God Star           $69.00

About Flare Star

For more than a century, there has been nearly one theory a year to account for the cause of ice ages. Few mysteries of natural science have been as vexing. And just as troublesome has been the question of what brought these ages to an end.

Following the hypothesis proffered in God Star, the prequel to this work, Flare Star sets out to show that Earth’s last Ice Age came suddenly to an end due to the cosmic catastrophe that was caused by the proto-Saturnian system’s entry into the present Sun’s domain of influence.

Very much as in God Star, this is partly demonstrated through the message contained in mankind’s mytho-historical record.

The main evidence for the above supposition, however, derives from the scars of the event that are still etched in Earth’s land-masses and oceanic depths.

Recent discoveries in astronomy and astrophysics also lend their weight in accounting for the detailed sequence of the devastation.

Along the way, various enigmas that have bothered a range of disciplines are thereby elucidated. One of the greatest tectonic upheavals that humanity has ever experienced—encompassing geomagnetic field excursions, diastrophism, global volcanism, the heaping of the ocean onto the land, the extinction of life that followed, and much more—is provided with a catastrophic cause that has eluded researchers until now. Nor can it be said that all of humankind succeeded in dodging the catastrophe, or that those fortunate enough to do so escaped entirely unscathed.

The very concept of deity, the origin of which was traced in God Star, is here also explored further since man ended up blaming his God for having caused the devastation that forever changed his world. Nor is this to be wondered at, seeing as the destruction in question did proceed from the very entity that man himself found reason to endow with what he later termed its divine power.


Dwardu Cardona was born, raised, and educated in Malta, Europe, from where he emigrated to Canada in 1959. Less than a year later, in mid-1960, he became involved in the study of catastrophism and the reconstruction of the Solar System’s cosmic history. He has, since than, acted as a Contributing Editor for KRONOS and, later, as a Senior Editor for the same periodical. He helped in the publication of the journal AEON from 1992 to 1994, and served as its Editor from 1995 to 2006. He was a Founding Father of the Canadian Society for Interdisciplinary Studies (now defunct), and has acted as a consultant on mythology and cosmogony for Chronology and Catastrophism Review, which is the official organ of the British-based Society for Interdisciplinary Studies. He has also acted as the Series Editor for the Osiris Series of books sponsored by Cosmos & Chronos.

As a writer, Cardona has now published well over a hundred articles in various periodicals, as well as the book God Star which forms the prequel to Flare Star. He has additionally lectured at the University of Bergamo, in Italy, and at various organizations in Canada, the United States, and England. He presently makes his home, together with his wife, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.



Chapter 1  The Frigid Earth

The Glacial Theory                                                                          2
The Pleistocene Ice Age                                                                  3
The Interglacials                                                                             6
Previous Ice Ages                                                                           7
Gondwana                                                                                     8
Snowball Earth                                                                              11

Chapter 2  The Milankovitch Theory

The Birth of the Milankovitch Theory                                                14
The Distressed Life of the Milankovitch Theory                                   18
The Death of the Milankovitch Theory                                              20
The Resurrection of the Milankovitch Theory                                      21
The Devils Hole Controversy                                                           22
Summing Up                                                                                25

Chapter 3  Alternative Hypotheses

In Search of a Better Proposal                                                        27
A Simple Matter of Severe Winters                                                  27
Ice as its Own Cause                                                                    28
Cold Versus Heat                                                                          29
Uplift of Land                                                                               30
The Volcanic Theory                                                                     31
Pole Shifts and Tilts                                                                      33
Magnetic Field Collapse                                                                 34
Meteoric and Asteroidal Impacts                                                     35
Comets and Cometary Tails                                                            36
Mini Snow Ball Comets                                                                   40
Solar Cycles                                                                                43
Sun Spots and Nebular Dust                                                           45
Superflares                                                                                 45
Supernovae and Cosmic Rays                                                         46
Lack of Consensus                                                                       47

Chapter 4  Unorthodox Schemes

Dislocated Polar Caps                                                                   51
The Ice Dump                                                                             53
The Tippe-Top Model                                                                   55
Water Versus Ice                                                                        62
An expropriated Scenario                                                              64
Diastrophism                                                                               65
Striations and Erratic Boulders                                                       68
Moraines                                                                                   74
The Glacial Hecatombs                                                                 76
The Ice-Free Arctic                                                                     80


Chapter 5  Reiteration

Myths and Legends                                                                     90
The Planetary Deities                                                                 102
Ancient Astronomical Lore                                                           108
The Saturnian Sun                                                                     113

Chapter 6  The Concept of Deity

The Solomonic Sun                                                                    116
The God of the Midianites                                                           118
From Ya to Yahweh                                                                   122
The Moon and Jupiter                                                                124
The Case For and Against Ea                                                      125
Yahweh’s Sun-Wheeled Chariot                                                   126
The Dionysiac Yahweh                                                               127
Yahweh-Elohim                                                                         129

Chapter 7  The Boreal Locus

The Sun of Night                                                                       137
The Solitary Deity                                                                     137
The Immobile God                                                                     137
The Polar Station                                                                      139

Chapter 8  Proto-Saturn

Linear Systems                                                                         146
Plasma Streams and Birkeland Currents                                          147
Dwarf Stars                                                                              148
Saturn as a Sub-Brown Dwarf                                                      149
The Age of Darkness                                                                  150
The Habitable Zone                                                                    153
The Nocturnal Environment                                                          155
The Proto-Saturnian Plasmasphere                                                158
Varves and the Sunspot Cycle                                                     160
The Boreal Cradle                                                                      164


Chapter 9  Paleolithic Man

Frigid Emergence                                                                     167
Arctic Survival                                                                         168
The Neanderthals                                                                    170
The Cro-Magnons                                                    _               180
Paleoart                                                                                 184
The Great Bear                                                                        186
Lunar Notations                                                                       193
Interbreeding: Pro et Con                                            _             195
Catastrophic Signatures                                            _               200
Glacial Clemency                                                                      202

Chapter 10 Setting the Stage

Ancient Man in Arctic Regions                                                  205
The Mytho-Historical Connection                                            207
The Lord of Time                                                                     209
The Highest Antiquity                                                               209
Man in Darkness                                                                      214

Chapter 11  The Circumstellar Disk

Chaos                                                                                   217
Tao                                                                                      218
The Nebular Cloud                                                                   218
The Waters of Chaos                                                               219
The Whirl of Creation                                                               223
Planetars                                                                               224

Chapter 12  Lord of the Lingam

The Axis Mundi                                                                        227
Shiva                                                                                     228
One Thousand and Eight Epithets                                              233
Aja Ekapad                                                                              236
The Maha Linga                                                                       236
Phallic Worship                                                                        239
Adoration of the Linga                                                              241
Modern Quirks                                                                         244
Conceptual Degeneration                                                          245
Brown Dwarf Jets                                                                     249
The End of an Era                                                                     252


Chapter 13  Prelude to Creation

The Astronomical Background                                                 _  255
Predetermined Encounter                                                          259
Contact                                                                                 261
Columnar Instabilities                                                                264
The Pictographic Evidence                                                        265
The Magdalenian Primacy                                                         267
The Mirror Image                                                                      274
The Plasma Experience                                                              276
The Retraction                                                                         279
Intense Charged Particle Beam Dispersals                                 280
Backlash                                                                                  285

Chapter 14  Let There Be Light

The Fiat Lux                                                                             290
The Birth of a Theory                                                      _          293
Adoil                                                                                        298
Gnostic Mysticism                                                             __       299
The Terrifying Splendor                                                         __   302
The Birth of Ra                                                                       _  303
Philo’s Illuminated Air                                          __                     304
As Bright as a Thousand Suns                                 __                  305
P’an-Ku                                                                  _                 306
Half a World Away                                                      __             306
Further Light from the Primitive World                            __ __          307
Final Words from Oceania                                               _   __       309

Chapter 15  Exploding Stars and Planets

Velikovsky’s Original Scenario                                                       313
Novae and Supernovae                                                               315
Recurring Novae                                                                        317
Survivability of Partners                                                              317
The Exploding Planet Theory                                                        319
The Trouble With Aztex                                                              321
Van Flandern’s Modification                                                         322
A Comparison of Models                                                             325
Epochal Adjustment                                                                  326
Multiple Explosions                                                                     326
One Solution to the Problem                                                        328

Chapter 16  Narrowing the Gap

Planetary Novae                                                                      331
Cometary Flare-Ups                                                                 332
Brown Dwarf Outbursts                                                            333
Plasma Discharges                                                                   335
Within the Sun’s Domain                                                           337
Dating the Event                                                                     339
A Benchmark Figure                                                                 341
The Aluminum Cloud                                                                342


Chapter 17  Magnetospheric Upheaval

The Star of Evil                                                                         345
Shaitan                                                                                    347
Earth’s Diminishing Field                                                              348
Earth’s Reversing Field                                                                351
Geomagnetic Retrocalculations                                                     353
Geomagnetic Excursions                                                              354
Objections to Barnes’ Exponential Decay                                        359
Cosmic Ray Discharge                                                                360
Proposed Causes                                                                       361
Ex Hypothesi                                                                            366

Chapter 18  Out of the Freeze

The Heat Wave                                                                        370
X-Rays and Double Layers                                                          371
Terrestrial Braking                                                                     372
Frictional Heat                                                                          376
Meltdown                                                                                 385
Memories                                                                                 388

Chapter 19  Global Catastrophism

The Flooding of the Land                                                           391
Aquatic Genesis                                                                       395
Sea Level Changes                                                                   397
Aboriginal Recollections                                                             401
Raised Shorelines                                                                     405
Rebound                                                                                 408
Terraced Beaches                                                                    411
Tectonic Upheaval                                                                   413
Ancient Testimony                                                                   419
High and Dry Whales                                                                425
Mastodons Underwater                                                             427
Gas and Dust                                                                          428
Diamonds                                                                               429
Bombardment                                                                          435
Alternative Possibilities                                                            438
Impacts                                                                                 440

Chapter 20  Life in the Balance

Extinctions                                                                             443
The Mammoth Hunters                                                             446
Mass Slaughter                                                                       454
The Fate of the Overkill Theory                                                 461
A Change of Band Wagons                                                        463
Geologists Join In                                                                     467
Radiation Exposure                                                                  470
Aborted Mutations                                                                   473
Creatures New and Strange                                                      476
Humanity in Crisis                                                                     477
Racial Divergence                                                                     480
Burping Methane                                                                      484
Heaven on Earth                                                                       486


The Electromagnetic Universe                                                    490
Brown Dwarf Stars                                                                   491
Planet Formation                                                                      494
Heat Retention and dissipation                                                    495
Polar Convergence                                                                    497
The Interloping System                                                             499
Flaring Energy                                                                          500
Havoc at the System’s Edge                                                       501
Arctic Origins                                                                           505
Future Return of Ice                                                                 505
Behavioral Metamorphosis                                                          507
End of Act Two                                                                       510


A to Z                                                                                514

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