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Book Info

Pillars of the Past Volume IV is a soft cover book of 616 pages published by The Velikovskian in 2013, and contains a wealth of information gathered on the subject of chronology.

This fourth volume of the series examines the chronology of the era of Stonehenge and the Megalithic World. Archaeologists maintain the these monuments, the pottery, graves, metal, and stone tools, skeletons etc., associated with them only make sense if we place these in the Late Neolithic Age, ca. 40000-1500 B.C. However, there is a wealth of evidence that denies this placement and instead points to the Megalithic Age falling in the post-Roman era/the Early Middle Ages ca. A.D. 600-900. All the dating methods used to date the megalithic world have failed and this is admitted repeatedly by modern researchers. The astronomical alignments employed to date these monuments that were used to criticize Velikovsky's chronological thesis have now fallen into ruins under the scrutiny of these authorities.  The only non-controversial alignment that exists at Stonehenge apparently fits there between 500-700 A.D. Employing dozens of technological forms of evidence such as burning of peat to obtain red ash, styles and production of pottery, climatology, agronomy, animal husbandry, agricultural methods such as fertilization, plowing heavy earth, etc., architectural forms and artifacts, toilet and sewage drainage, the action of earthworms and much, much more, the evidence that places Stonehenge and the Megalithic Age in post-Roman times is overwhelming.

Hard evidence from sites across the Afro-Eurasian landmass dated to the Neolithic Age all show that they are post-Roman entities. The cause of the fall of the great technologically advanced Roman world into the abject poverty of the early Middle Ages/Megalithic Age is fully explained. Those chronographers who have claimed this period does not exist, such as Heribert Illig, Gunnar Heinsohn, Anatoly Fomenko, Emmet Sweeney, are challenged to answer this evidence. Mike Baillie's and Laurence Dixon's theses are also examined and they are challenged to show that the forensic historical evidence presented in this volume does not match their chronological concepts. Volume IV completes the examination of chronology and is must reading for those interested in what forensic history tells us about chronology.


Charles Ginenthal is the author of Pillars of the Past Volumes I, II & III, Carl Sagan and Immanuel Velikovsky and The Extinction of the Mammoth. and co-author of Stephen J. Gould and Immanuel Velikovsky. He has published papers in the journals AEON, Meta Research Bulletin and The Velikovskian. He has also contributed to Proceeding of the Immanuel Velikovsky Centennial 1895-1995, just published. His work appears in ABA the Glory and the Torment The Life of Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky, written by Velikovsky's daughter Ruth Velikovsky Sharon, Ph.D. He has also contributed to the book, Rebels & Devils: The Psychology of Liberation, with distinguished authors as Robert Anton Wilson and William S. Burroughs. He has presented papers at both national and international conferences on Catastrophism and was the editor-in-chief of the journal The Velikovskian. He resides in Forest Hills, New York.



Chapter 1  Building Theories Based on Assumptions

Chapter 2 The radiocarbon Revolution

Chapter 3 Typology and Pottery Dating Prehistory; success or Failure

Chapter 4 Neolithic and Bronze Ages: Bones, Barrows, and Chronology
Barrow, skulls and Chronology
The Great Mound of Silbury Hill and the Evolutionary Development of British Forts

Chapter 5 Astro-Archaeology and Chronology:
Part I: Alexander Marshach
Newgrange and Knowth
Part II: Gerald Hawkins, Velikovsky and Stonehenge
Part III: Stonehenge According to Hoyle, Lunar and solar Eclipses
Part IV: C.A. (Peter) Newham: The Moon, and Chronology at Stonehenge
Part V: Alexander Thom's Alignments
Ballochroy and Kintraw
Le Grand Menhir Brise
Brainport Bay
Final Words on Astro-Archaeology

Chapter 6 What the Classical Writers Didn't Say or Know about Megaliths
Erosiojn, Graffiti, and the Megaliths
Entasis and Chronology

Chapter 7 Metrology and Chronology

Chapter 8 Stratigraphy, Earthworms, and Chronology
Stratigraphy and the Y and Z Holes

Chapter 9 Stonehenge's One Alignment, Calendars, and Chronology

Chapter 10 Skara Brae: Amedieval Time Capsule and a Dark Age
The Dark Age: Agricultural Stratigraphy/Archaeology
Ancient Nodernity

Chapter 11 The Fall of Rome, The Plague, Catastrophe and Dark Ages
Turkey and Syria
Other Post-Roman Neolithic Sites

Chapter 12 Other Explanations for Dark Ages
Emmet J. Sweeney
Heribert Illig
Dark Earth
Astronomy; Calendars, Lawrence Dixon, and Many in the SIS
Anatoly T. Fomenko
Gunnar Heinsohn's Two Phantom Centuries


Lewis M. Greenberg: Supplement:
The "Land of Punt" Redux
A Memorable Journey
Hatshepsut, Hathor, and Isis
The Land of Osiris
Make-ra and Make-da
Of Animals, Aquatics, and Pharoahs

Ralph E. Juergens and Lewis M. Greenberg:
A Linguistic Not on the "Land of Punt"
Addendum (2012)

Lynn E. Rose: Appendix:
Astronomy and the Short Chronology
Anatoly T. Fomenko

Heribert Illig
The Birthday of Augustus
The Gregorian Reform
The Alignment of Stonehenge
Halley's Comet
Preamble to Jonsson

Reply to Carl Oluf Jonsson

The Twelfth Dynasty 213
Daphne Chappell and Document D

Reply to Barry Curnock
Edwin Thiele
The Lunar Dates of Thutmose III and Ranses II
Report 102 and Report 501
"Pending Further Developments....."
The Eclipse of Psammetichus I
The Seen Togethers
The Overall Chronology
Sesostris III and Manasseh



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