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About Primordial Star

This is a fresh, big-picture canvass of the lack of coherence in the current geological, palaeontological, biological, and astro-physical findings and models.

Astrophysicists have noted various problems with the formation of planets out of circumstellar disks, but mainstream scientists continue to promulgate such creations as if the problems do not exist.

In some theories of origins. the derivation of terrestrial life required a much greater amount of ultraviolet radiation than the Sun presently supplies. And yet the Sun is claimed to have been much dimmer at the very time life rose on Earth.

In some theories of origins, the emergence of life also required vast electrical discharges, but the electric energy that Earth can produce through atmospheric lightning lacks the required potency to accomplish what is needed.

Life forms somehow progressed into ever larger sizes until progression outdid itself in the age of dinosaurs. But the present force of gravity is much too strong to have enabled the existence of such colossal beasts.

Moreover, while the extinction of these giants has by and large been blamed on an extraterrestrial impact of some sort, evidence from geology does not tally with this impact scheme.

The manner in which miles-deep glaciers accumulated during Earth's past ice ages has never been resolved. Nor, has an adequate explanation ever been offered to account for the disparity in glacial melting that occurred between the Arctic and Antarctic regions.

Various theories have been proposed in an effort to get to the bottom of the above conundrums, but their sheer number, to say nothing of the contradictions they end up piling on each other, tends to hurl them all into a veritable gladiatorial arena from which none of them has so far escaped unscathed.

Following on the heels of its two prequels, God Star and Flare Star, and in keeping with the spirit of Occam's razor, what the present work proposes is a unifying theme that not only resolves each and every one of the above mysteries, but quite a few related ones.

At the bottom of it all is the growing realization among astronomers that our Solar System could not have originated as the self-sustained family of planets it presently is but that some of the Suns' children were actually adopted. And while it was never by any means an orphaned world, one of those adopted children was our own mother Earth.

Review Remarks

In an age of specialization, bounded vision, and narrowed focus, the author of Primordial Star and its prequels, God Star and Flare Star, is fleshing out a coherent big-picture concerning ancient times. He continues to amass and organize huge amounts of referenced information that allows him to effectively but gently excoriate modern academia and its dedication to unworkable theories of Solar System and planetary development.

This author shows that mainstream large-scale geological paradigms are woefully inadequate by appealing to formations and patterns that preclude them. He also shows that cosmologists have eschewed recent Solar System rearrangement and look mainly for support for its uniformitarian theories while indulging a penchant for papering over and ignoring anomalies that preclude this paradigm approach. He shows that these schemes are a denial of far too many cosmological, geological, and archaeological findings, a great many of which are chronicled in the book and which reveal a distinctly different and troubled ancient past for the Earth and its human passengers. 

About the Author

Dwardu Cardona was born, raised, and educated in Malta, Europe, from where he emigrated to Canada in 1959. Less than a year later, in mid-1960, he became involved in the study of catastrophism and the reconstruction of the Solar Systemís cosmic history. He has, since than, acted as a Contributing Editor for KRONOS and, later, as a Senior Editor for the same periodical. He helped in the publication of the journal AEON from 1992 to 1994, and served as its Editor from 1995 to 2006. He was a Founding Father of the Canadian Society for Interdisciplinary Studies (now defunct), and has acted as a consultant on mythology and cosmogony for Chronology and Catastrophism Review, which is the official organ of the British-based Society for Interdisciplinary Studies. He has also acted as the Series Editor for the Osiris Series of books sponsored by Cosmos & Chronos.

As a writer, Cardona has now published well over a hundred articles in various periodicals, most of them on the subjects covered in his present series of books.  He has additionally lectured at the University of Bergamo, in Italy, and at various organizations in Canada, the United States, and England. He is the author of two previous volumes, God Star and Flare Star, which actually form the prequels to this present work Primordial Star. He presently makes his home, together with his wife, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.



Chapter 1  Ab Origine

Planet Formation________________________________________________1
Further Problems with Circumstellar Disks_____________________________3
The Plasma Ejection Model________________________________________5
Earth's Primordial Sub-Brown Host__________________________________7
A Dimmer Sun_________________________________________________10
The Proto-Saturnian Primary_______________________________________12

Chapter 2  Geogenesis

The Pre-Biotic Soup_____________________________________________15
The Ultraviolet Environment________________________________________17
Phylogenetic Memory____________________________________________19
Insect Eyes____________________________________________________20
Ultraviolet Reflection_____________________________________________22
Of Harm and Benefit_____________________________________________25
The Colors of the Universe________________________________________27
The Purple Earth________________________________________________31

Chapter 3  Geognosy

The Stratified Signature of Catastrophe_______________________________33
Coal Seams___________________________________________________42
Cosmic Precipitation_____________________________________________48
Carbon Stars__________________________________________________50
Planetary Hydrocarbons__________________________________________54
The Origin of Petroleum___________________________________________56
Rains of Naphtha________________________________________________62
The Rancho La Brea Tar Sands_____________________________________65

Chapter 4  Stellar Flares

The Antics of SN1987A__________________________________________71
Electric Discharges______________________________________________73
Cellular Plasma_________________________________________________75
Multiple Supernovae_____________________________________________79
The Evolving Nature of Brown Dwarf Stars____________________________80
Hazards of Life Beneath a Brown Dwarf Star___________________________82


Chapter 5  A Thumbnail History of Gigantism

Those Terrible Lizards___________________________________________88
The Endothermic Controversy_____________________________________90
The Origin of Birds: An Unsettled Question___________________________94
Scales Versus Feathers_________________________________________101
Preservation versus Age________________________________________110
Giants on the Wing____________________________________________111
Wings on the Wind____________________________________________114
The Megasaurs_______________________________________________117
Weight-Lifting Power__________________________________________122
Attenuated Gravity____________________________________________127
Shrinking Homo______________________________________________128
The Ups and Downs of Gigantism_________________________________132
The Roche Limit______________________________________________134

Chapter 6  Mass and Gravity

The Shrinking Earth____________________________________________140
The Expanding Earth___________________________________________141
The Pros and Cons of Earth Expansion_____________________________145
Terrestrial Gravitational Anomalies_________________________________147
Spatial Gravitational Anomalies___________________________________150
Repulsive Gravity______________________________________________158
The Gravitational Constant_______________________________________161
Electromagnetism Versus Gravity__________________________________162
Sub-Atomic Dipolarity__________________________________________166
Changes in Electrical Potential____________________________________167
A Change in Mass_____________________________________________168
Objections Raised and Overruled__________________________________169

Chapter 7  Sudden Violence

Survival of the Fortunate_________________________________________175
Eradication of the Hapless________________________________________177
The Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary_________________________________178
Catastrophism Wins the Day______________________________________180
Proposed Causes______________________________________________188
The Deccan traps and Vulcan's Role________________________________190
Appeals to Plate Tectonics_______________________________________192
The Impact Theory_____________________________________________194
The Iridium Layer______________________________________________196
Osmium Lends its Weight________________________________________198
Worldwide Fire_______________________________________________200
The Search for the Crater_______________________________________201

Chapter 8  Paradigms Lost

The Great Dyings______________________________________________207
Periodicity of Extinctions: Pros and Cons___________________________214
Nemesis, the Milky Way, and Planet X_____________________________215
Disparity Among Intellects: The Great Debate_______________________217
Cosmic Ray Bombardment_______________________________________227
The Supernova Challenge_______________________________________228
The Proto-Saturnian Solution_____________________________________234
The Polar Dinosaurs____________________________________________251
Wrapping Up_________________________________________________256


Chapter 9  Celestial Bands

Epochal Ice: Resetting the Stage___________________________________260
Ice-Shy Latitudes______________________________________________264
Further Evidence______________________________________________266
The Sub-Star Predicament_______________________________________268
Terrestrial Rings_______________________________________________273
Hooker's Chilling Belt___________________________________________281
The Tell-Tale Zone_____________________________________________285

Chapter 10  Dusty Rings

The Auroras__________________________________________________287
The Terella Experiments_________________________________________291
The Auroral Ovals_____________________________________________294
Land of Eternal Shadow_________________________________________296
Disparities Resolved____________________________________________305
Toroidal Extremities____________________________________________307

Chapter 11  Earth's Southern Pole

Tropical Glaciers______________________________________________311
The East Antarctic Anomaly_____________________________________316
Clearer Evidence from West Antarctica____________________________319
The Southern Oval____________________________________________322

Chapter 12  Plasma And All That

Thermally Incommensurate Planets______________________________323
Plasmaspheric Shapes_________________________________________324
Resolving the Antarctic Dilemma_________________________________333
Earth's Dusty Burden__________________________________________337
The Tell-Tale Signature_______________________________________339
In Conclusion________________________________________________340


Life's Origin_________________________________________________343
Interplanetary Discharges_____________________________________345
Evolutionary Mutations_______________________________________348
Our Chaotic Neighborhood____________________________________352
Strangers in a Foreign Galaxy__________________________________355


A to Z_____________________________________________________359

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