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Articles & Products Supporting the Pre-historical Reconstruction and Plasma Cosmology
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Features and Selected Articles

Global Warming Model Foundation Comparison
A periodically updated (2009-09-14) synopsis that gives a significant overview of the two different approaches used to understand climatology and global warming.

Used Books and Selected Books
used books  A changing and updated list of used books pertaining to catastrophism and ancient times.

Electric Universe Paradigm Synopsis
A synopsis that gives a significant overview of the many dimensions and aspects of the electric plasma universe model.

A signature of a good theory is its simplicity. In essence, everything hinges on the question of whether or not electricity exists in space. The mainstream view is that it does not; we argue that it does. Everything else flows from that.

What we are attempting to do is bring about a scientific revolution; The Electric Universe Revolution. This Revolution will have as far-reaching consequences as the Copernican revolution, which was also based on one simple issue: Is it better to think of the Earth or the Sun at the center of the Solar System?

Like the Copernican revolution, the data can be interpreted in both ways; Copernicus did not phrase his argument that the Sun was at the centre; he merely suggested that it was an awful lot easier to interpret the data if, for the sake of calculation alone, one pretended that it was. In the same way, I believe we are essentially suggesting that it's an awful lot easier to explain the observed behavior of the universe if one allows electricity to have a role. Yes, you CAN develop a gravity-only model that gives temporary answers, but is having to live with 96% of the resulting universe being dark, unobservable matter better than having to have multiple levels of epicycles to explain the planetary motions around the earth?

That's why it's so simple. Just accept that electricity is there and it all becomes a whole lot easier.

Show Me the English
Many times when one of the prevailing sacrosanct cosmological models, such as for comets, the sun, star evolution, galaxy organization, etc., is challenged some defender will triumphantly say, "Show me the math." Here is the rejoinder.

Question: Blind or Wrong
Highlights the issue of why cosmology is so wide of the mark.

Wal Thornhill explaining the foundations of the Electric universe.

Wal Thornhill's case for electrical stars
Twinkle, twinkle electric star
An article by Wal Thornhill elucidates the true state of this bankrupt fiction. "Astronomy looks set to encounter more surprises and to publish more science fiction this year." Astronomy has little to celebrate in 2009 in this so-called "International Year of astronomy."

Wal Thornhill's article on electric clockwork solar system
Electrically Modified Newtonian Dynamics

Lecture Service
Electric Sky Lecture Service  A lecture on the Electric Universe cosmology presented in person by Donald E. Scott, PhD, author of the groundbreaking book The Electric Sky.

Premiere Electric Universe sites

One of the best sites dedicated to the Electric Universe and plasma cosmology. Developed and managed by Wallace Thornhill, this site's synopsis gives a great introduction and its archive contains all of his Holoscience articles over the past eight years.

Thunderbolts of the Gods
A top quality site that is very extensive because of its graphical presentations. Check out the Picture of the Day with archive and subject index.

The Universe
The nature of space plasma according to Anthony Peratt. A long-time proponent of plasma cosmology, Peratt is an associate director of Los Alamos National Laboratories and one of the leading experts on high-energy plasma discharge. Lots of info on plasma and plasma cosmology.

Plasma Resources
A multi-dimensional site that is a great resource for learning about Plasma Cosmology and the Electric Universe.

Plasma Cosmology
This site offers a straightforward yet multi-dimensional  introduction to the Plasma Universe. An excellent source for newcomers.

Electric Cosmos
Don Scott’s site that is currently announcing his book, The Electric Sky

Also of note

Fundamental & Special Philosophy
Philosophy Articles

The Pensee Journals

Selected articles from the Velikovskian

Selected articles from KRONOS

Journal Back Issues

Annual Top 10
Thunderbolts Pictures of the Day

Technical Papers by Don Scott
Author of the Book The Electric Sky writes for the educated layperson
A Solar Junction Transistor Mechanism;
IE, double layer(s) at the surface of the sun, give or take
Solar Surface Transistor Action

Current Tornado Science
Electrostatic and Electrodynamic Tornado Factors
A scientific paper proposing that electrostatic and electrodynamic factors are responsible for the formation and intensity of tornados.

Some Geological Material
A geological article on Niagara Falls and area

A great site for Mythology research

The Velikovsky Encyclopedia

This site seems to attempt to present a balanced
view of his work, documenting both his
assertions, criticisms and counter-criticisms.

Scientific Peer Review Status
An excellent condemnation of the existing "peer review" system as it really works today.

Thunderbolts Group Science
Predictions Record An accounting of the scientific predictions made by the Thunderbolts Group and results of the stunning track record of success.

Challenges to the Electric Sky Concepts
Scientism, the new religion
Exposing the soft underbelly of the "True Believers"
Professor author Donald Scott responds with answers to some of the challenges that have been raised to the material presented in his book, The Electric Sky

Hypocrisy Unmasked
Would you like to become familiar with the various ways that hypocrisy enters into debates and discussions?  Check out philosophy

Selected Articles

Some pointed quotes about the plasma paradigm:
“In studying this Fourth state of Matter we seem at length to have within our grasp and obedient to our control the little indivisible particles which with good warrant are supposed to constitute the physical basis of the universe. … We have actually touched the border land where Matter and Force seem to merge into one another, the shadowy realm between Known and Unknown which for me has always had peculiar temptations. I venture to think that the greatest scientific problems of the future will find their solution in this Border Land, and even beyond …” [W. Crookes, On Radiant Matter; A Lecture Delivered to the British Association for the Advancement of Science at Sheffield, Friday, August 22, 1879 (London: E. J. Davey, 1879): 29f.]

“The simplicity of such a system is singularly beautiful, the idea grand, and worthy of Newton’s approbation. It was what the ancients believed, and it may be what a future race will realise.” (M. Faraday, ‘On Radiant Matter’, lecture given at the City Philosophical Society, 1816). [B. Jones (ed.), The Life and Letters of Faraday (1 of 2; London: Longmans, Green and Co., 18702): 196]

1994 Velikovsky Symposium Papers


Electricity and Matter, Thompson, Joseph J., 1904. Flip Book

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