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About God Star

God Star: If you are uncomfortable with the equally implausible literal creationist or the modern mythology version of what happened in the ancient times, then these 518 pages will show you that the sky earlier man remembers was entirely different from the one that now stretches above us.

This is firmly supported through ancient texts, artwork, and symbology from all over the world which deal with the astronomical lore of our forebears. As if with a single voice, these sources proclaim that the present planet we know as Saturn once shone as an earlier sun in Earth's primordial sky.

This claim receives credence through the fact that astronomers now view the planet Saturn as the remnant of what had once been a brown dwarf star. It also goes a long way in explaining why Saturn was considered the "ruler of the planets", and why the god of that planet is found at the head of every ancient pantheon on earth. Ra, Brahma, Kronos, Moloch, and Shamash are some of the more familiar names for the supreme god Saturn. It also explains a plethora of perplexing other information including why the original name for Rome was Saturnia, and why Italy was called the land of Saturn.

Astronomically, it is then deduced that Earth used to be the satellite of this proto-Saturnian sun. It is further deduced that this mini-system invaded the present Solar System causing the "great catastrophe", and that this transpired during the age of man.

As incongruous with prevailing thinking as this scenario appears, it is lent further credibility by the hard sciences through the unmistakable signs encountered here on Earth and also by what is constantly being discovered out in space. In fact, the likelihood that such an interloping planetary system might have been captured by the Sun is even now acknowledged by a new class of trailblazing astronomers.

Thus, apart from the mytho-historical record, the theory presented within this book includes evidence from geology, paleontology, astrophysics, and plasma cosmology. It also serves to elucidate various dilemmas that presently encumber these and other disciplines.

What might be seen by some as of greater importance, the reconstruction of the primeval events that took place beneath the proto-Saturnian sun goes a long way in disclosing the origins of religion, including the very concept of deity.

While, for the sake of scholarship, the book includes the odd technical tract, it is nevertheless written in a manner that will be readily understood by the intelligent layperson. In fact, it almost reads like a detective novel.

Review Remarks

"Once I had GOD STAR in my hands I could scarcely put it down. This is the most complete and articulate book on the topic I have read. It is a complete history... of the nature of an intense plasma occurrence in the Solar System as it once was at a time when mankind was present to record it ... GOD STAR delineates mythology from fable, setting the former as a true field of scientific enquiry. From GOD STAR springs forth topic after topic on the physical conditions and processes our planet has undergone ... "

Anthony L. Peratt, B.S.E.E., M.S.E.E.., Ph.D
(Former Scientific Adviser, United States Department of Energy)

About the Author

Rather than being the proverbial lone voice in the wilderness, Dwardu Cardona is a senior member of an ever growing international school of academicians, which includes scholars from various scientific disciplines, who are presently involved in the scientific reconstruction of the events portrayed in this work. Cardona has been pursuing these studies since 1960. He has since acted as a Contributing Editor for KRONOS and, later, as a Senior Editor for the same periodical, and is currently the Editor of AEON. He was a Founding Father of the Canadian Society for Interdisciplinary Studies (now defunct), and has acted as a consultant on mythology and cosmogony for Chronology & Catastrophism Review, which is the official organ of the British-based Society for Interdisciplinary Studies. He has also acted as the Series Editor for the Osiris Series of books sponsored by Cosmos & Chronos.

As a writer, Cardona has now published well over a hundred articles in various periodicals, most of them on the subject covered in the present book. He has also lectured by invitation at the University of Bergamo, Italy, as well as at various organizations in Canada, the United States, and England. He presently makes his home, together with his wife, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Chapter 1 Myths and Legends
Divine Revelry
Celestial Divinities
The Planetary Deities
Astronomy in Mythology
The Historicity of the Events

Chapter 2 Ancient Astronomical Lore
Sacred Images from the Sky
Cosmic Debris
The Eternal Planet
Guest Stars
The Suriya Siddhanta
The Almagest
The Heliocentric System
The Well at Syene
Inclination to the South
The Precession of the Equinoxes
The Crime of Anaxagoras
Shadow Through Space
The Metonic Cycle
A Matter of Gravity
The Rotation & Revolution of Planets
Planetary Conjunctions
The periodicity of Comets
Number of Worlds
Life on Other Planets
The Babylonian Precedence
The Zodiac
The Astronomical Diaries

Chapter 3 The Sun Star
The Most Prominent of the Planets
Stella Solaris
(Mul) Lu-Bat Sag-Uš
The Light of the Gods
The True Sun
The Saturnian Sun
First Interlude

Chapter 4 The Sun of Night
The Egyptian Night Sun
The Babylonian Exemplar
Nocturnal Deities
The God of Saturday Night

Chapter 5 Dead Suns
Dark Stars
Potted Stars
Failed Stars
Red Dwarf Star
Miniature Sun
Failed Model
Brown Dwarfs
Second Interlude

Chapter 6 Primordial Satellite
Starlight: Star Bright
An or Anu
Stella Proxima
The Dogon Mystery
The Star of Nine Moons
Third Interlude

Chapter 7 Planetary Shuffle
The Unstable Solar System
The Titius-Bode Law
Retroactive Calculations
Former Orbits
The Shifting Earth
The Habitable Zone

Chapter 8 The Solitary Deity
The One Alone
Four from the primitive World
Fourth Interlude

Chapter 9 The Immobile God
The Sabbath Star
The God of the Jews
The Trouble with Amos
The Stable One
The God of Jerusalem
The House of Shulman
The Mesopotamian Evidence
The Egyptian Explicitness
Shining in the Lightland
Reigning Em Hetep
Immovable fixed
The Never-Setting Planet

Chapter 10 The Polar Station
A Choice of Models
The Left Hand of God
The Sacred Quarter
The Story of Anu
Unas and the Circumpolar Stars
The Egyptian Creed of Resurrection
The Guardian of the Pole
The Genie of the Pivot
The European Evidence
The Sun of the Centre and Other Echoes
Fifth Interlude

Chapter 11 Testing the Model
The Demands of a Theory
Internal consistency
The Lithospheric Bulge
The Nature of Tidal Forces
The Astronomical Dilemma

Chapter 12 In the Beginning
Being and not Being
Tohu wa Bohu
The nebular Cloud
The Waters of Chaos
The Whirl of Creation

Chapter 13 The Age of Darkness
Darkness and the Deep
The Amerind Traditions
Kon Tiki Viracocha
The Endless Sea
Something Called Nothing
The Long Night of Rumia

Chapter 14 The Dawn of Creation
The Primordial Glow
Creatures of the Dark
The Required Temperature
The Plasmasphere
Sixth Interlude

Chapter 15 The Timeless Era
The Father of Years
The Slow-Moving Planet
Quetzalcoatl Unveiled
Time Zero

Chapter 16 The Interloping System
Out in Space
Extra-Solar Planets
The Revised History of the Solar System
A Matter of Nomenclature
The Runaway Planet
Lone Travelers Through Space
The Absent Sun
The Distant Sun
Seventh Interlude

Chapter 17 Life Beneath a Brown Dwarf Star
Tight Orbit
Phase Lock
Atmospheric Amplitude
The Cradle of Life
Stationary Star
Long-Lived Sun
The Search for Dwarf Star Planets

Chapter 18 A World with One Season
The Nature of Seasons
The God of Seasons
The Sub-Tropical Arctic
The Canadian High arctic
From Pole to Pole and in Between
The Cretaceous Climate
Tree Rings
The Axial Tilt Hypothesis
Clues from Other Planets
The Boreal Cradle
The Caretaker of the World

Chapter 19 Polar Wandering
The Coral Data
The Ice Cap Model
The Toppling Globe
Heoid Highs
The Paleomagnetic Evidence
The Martian Archetype
Last Interlude

Chapter 20 The Axial Coupling
The Problem
Bold Endeavors
The Lesson of Shoemaker-Levy 9
The Transitory System
Cosmic Jets
Herbig-Haro Objects

Chapter 21 The Axis Mundi
The Ruach
Sanchoniathon's Cosmogony
The One-Legged God
The Phallic Post
The Sky Pillar
The Fiery Axis
Cook's Support
Suhr's Lunar Shadow
The Pole of the Ecliptic
The Whirling Ray from Above

Chapter 22 Cosmic Genesis
The Nature of the Beast
The Arctic Depression
Free-Floating Sub-Brown Dwarfs
The Accretion Disk Model
Planetary Ejections
Astral Ejections
Objective Earth

Scaling Up and Down
An Alternative conception
End of Act One

A to Z

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