1994 Velikovsky Symposium Papers

Velikovsky & Science history
Henry H. Bauer
The Original Star of Dawn
Dwardu Cardona
Cosmic Winter
Victor Clube
Velikovsky's Legacy
Ev Cochrane
NW Indian Catastrophe Myths
Vine Deloria
Rebuttal to Ellenberger
Robert Driscoll
The Youthful Planet Venus
Charles Ginenthal
Model of Polar Configuration
Robert Grubaugh
Catastrophe,Culture & Civilization
Richard Heinberg
The Restoration of Ancient History
Gunnar Heinsohn
The Impossible Dinosaurs
Ted Holden
Venus Worship & Ancient China
Eric Miller
William Mullen
The Twin Tilts of Mars & Earth
Donald W. Patten and Samuel R. Windsor
Planetary Observations of the Tang
Charles Raspil
Sothic Dating & Reconstructions
Lynn E. Rose
From Myth to Physical Model
Dave Talbott
Recent Geology of Venus
Wallace Thornhill
Exploding Planets & Non-exploding
Tom Van Flandern
The Jewish Science of Velikovsky
Duane Vorhees
Quantalism: The Big Picture
Roger Williams Wescott
The Science of Catastrophism
Professor Irving Wolfe
Big & Little Science
Professor Irving Wolfe
In Search of Velikovsky's Comet
Milton Zysman
Speaker Biographies - International Symposium on Velikovsky