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Open Letter

Given that modern Cosmology has taken a wrong turn decades ago and rejected a well-supported electrical model; and given that it has gone off into "modern mythology" with the "big bang", "black holes", dark matter and dark energy, please consider taking the time to look up your local newspaper Science Editor and send him your personalized version of the following:

A Letter to Newspaper Science Editors:

Dear (___name of science editor____):

I’m writing to ask that (____name of newspaper____) provide in-depth coverage of the considerable and growing challenge that is now being presented to  “Big Bang” gravity-oriented cosmology.

Astronomer Halton Arp, supported by a growing number of scientists, has falsified the redshift  = distance equation that is a foundational concept of the “Big Bang”/expanding universe theory.  Arp’s revolutionary discovery should have caused a fundamental rethinking of the “Big Bang.” See:


Instead, as Riccardo Scarpa of the European Southern Observatory in Santiago, Chile, has astutely observed:   "Every time the basic big bang model has failed to predict what we see, the solution has been to bolt on something new - inflation, dark matter and dark energy". Strangely, the lofty pronouncements about the Big Bang have almost become quasi-religious beliefs, to the detriment of scientific objectivity.

Because Big Bang cosmology dominates astrophysical thinking, the news media sometimes overlook new developments in space.  Today, in the wake of recent discoveries, a new way of seeing the physical universe is emerging.  The Big Bang is being challenged by Electric Universe/Plasma Cosmology, which emphasizes that plasma and electricity play greater roles than gravity in celestial dynamics. Scientists now doing Electric Universe/Electric Plasma research do not presume to know the origin of the universe, and they do not deduce its present workings from such assumptions.

Exciting data returned by high-powered telescopes showing immense plasma structures and recent space probes are challenging astronomers' long-standing assumptions about galaxies and their constituent stars, about the evolution of our solar system, and about the nature and history of Earth itself.   Time and again, scientists who defend prevailing theories on the big bang, solar system, and comets have failed to predict new discoveries.  Time and again their views have been falsified by new facts and findings.

Electric Universe/Plasma Cosmology has long since developed to the point where it has been acknowledged as a legitimate field of study by the American Physical Society and the Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers (IEEE) Plasma Science Division.  And yet this new and important branch of astrophysics receives little attention in the mainstream press.

There is now substantial evidence that a fundamental shift in thinking will be of immense importance to the future of science and our planet, touching on important issues like global warming, climate change, and natural disasters.  However, when there is a crucial change in cosmology it may be difficult to take the new view seriously.  Doing so may even jeopardize academic careers.  Journalists seeking the facts about a new theory of the cosmos may be assured by "experts"  that the new paradigm is erroneous or worse.

In a time of scientific controversy, science editors have an even more vital role to play than usual.  Investigative reporting by objective journalists not only presents both sides of the issue, it also helps concerned parties sort out the truth. The emergence of Electric Universe/Plasma Cosmology as a new paradigm in 21st century cosmology presents science editors with an unprecedented opportunity to investigate the role that the electric force plays in the workings of our universe.

For example, the whole paradigm of solar energy being generated by internal nuclear fusion needs to be replaced with an externally powered electrical model where diffuse galactic Birkeland currents neck down on the sun and other stars to power them and generate their prominent electrical properties and phenomena. The latter include: corona, CMEs and flares, solar wind, solar arcs, and an inverse temperature profile of the shells.

NASA's "Deep Impact" mission was spectacularly successful in its engineering achievements and the dramatic information gathered about comets.  However, because NASA scientists have little or no understanding of the electrical properties of comets, the mission’s findings and those of the Stardust Mission left cometologists unable to adequately explain their findings.  They failed to achieve their primary goal of measuring the impact crater. See:


In contrast, plasma researchers Wal Thornhill and team posted an imposing list of predictions that were confirmed. See:

especially, “Predictions on Deep Impact”
and “The Meaning of Deep Impact”

And lately, thanks to high resolution space-exploration photography, the evidence for electric discharge machining (EDM) scarring on Mars has become nothing short of overwhelming. Dust storms, valleys, craters, rilles. fulgamites, surface patterns called “spiders”, dendritic ridges, and concretions called “blueberries” have now been photographed in high resolution, and show unequivocal signs of both past and current electrical activity. All of these features have been duplicated in electrical discharge laboratories. Meanwhile planetologists are using erosional processes experienced on earth but impossible on Mars to explain these patterns.

This is all much more than an academic concern.  Billions of dollars are being poured into projects such as the space tether, the "space elevator", and other futile projects such as the search for "gravity waves".  Of course, swinging a long wire through an electric field will generate voltage and current in the wire, and the "space tether" violently “shorted out” when this was done with a satellite. NASA didn't expect this and still probably doesn’t get the big picture.  If the new science is correct, such projects that ignore the electrical nature of astrophysical reality are doomed from the outset.

One more foundational site for the Electric Universe: www.holoscience.com

Cosmology has been called "the Queen of the sciences" because it underpins scientific thinking in many fields. If it is seriously mistaken, the consequence of a correction will be a seismic shift in the sciences and our culture. Always before, such paradigm shifts have opened up improved understandings and new technologies. An investigation into the depths of the growing conflict between electrical and gravitational visions of space could uncover the science news of the future.


____your name____

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