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Articles & Products Supporting the Pre-historical Reconstruction and Plasma Cosmology
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DWARDU CARDONA- Electrical engineer, founder Canadian Society of
Interdisciplinary Studies, senior editor of AEON. Researcher and
prolific writer on comparative mythology having published over 100
articles in various journals.

VICTOR CLUBE- Dean of the astrophysics department at Oxford University,
England. Co-author of two books, "Cosmic Serpent" and "Cosmic Winter",
claiming that major cometary disasters have occurred within historic
times, devastating early civilizations. His current work is aimed at
alerting government agencies to such perils as comet Shoemaker/Levy and
encouraging governments to mobilize the technologies necessary to
identify potential cometary intruders and to provide terrestrial
defenses against them.

EV COCHRANE- Associate Editor Kronos; executive editor and publisher
AEON; published many articles in Kronos and AEON from comparative
mythology, to planet/comet catastrophism and biological evolution;
currently finishing major work: "The Many Faces of Venus".

VINE DELORIA- An American Indian activist, lawyer, historian, educator
author screen writer and consultant. He is author of "Custer Died For
Your Sins", "God Is Red", "Indians of The Pacific Northwest", "The
Nations Within", and 10 other books on native peoples issues. He has
served on the editorial boards of the American Historical Society, the
National Geographic Society, the American Heritage Dictionary of the
English Language, the Journal of International and Comparative Law, and
over 15 other publications. He has over 5 honorary degrees, has
authored 8 special government reports on Indian affairs., and has over
100 periodical articles including articles in Pensee and Kronos.

ROBERT DRISCOLL- Graduated Caltech (physics) and Case Tech (mechanical
engineering) (cum laude); author "Unified Theory of Ether, Field and
Matter", 1964; member American Physical Society and his articles on
physics have appeared in The Bulletin of the American Physical Society,
Hadronic Journal, Physics Essays, AEON, author of numerous journal

CHARLES GINENTHAL- Editor-in-Chief, The Velikovskian;; contributor to
Kronos, AEON, Meta Research Bulletin; author: "Carl Sagan and Immanuel
Velikovsky" and "The Continuing Velikovsky Affair: The Second
Generation". Charles is also working on a cosmology invoking
electromagnetism as a counterforce to gravity in interplanetary and
interstellar space.

ROBERT GRUBAUGH- Structural Dynamicist 1967-1990 at TRW Ballistic
Missiles Division, San Bernardino CA, Section Chief, Department
Manager, Senior Staff Engineer- Analyzed trajectories in relation to
stipulated orbital conditions; inventor of a rotational shock measuring
device, now being used by the Japanese for earthquake measuring.

RICHARD HEINBERG- Velikovsky's personal assistant and editor of his
unpublished manuscripts. Heinberg's popular book, "Memories & Visions
of Paradise" was hailed by Jean Houston (noted authority on the great
religions) as "...a new classic in the study of the world's psyche."
He is also the author of two other books and numerous articles on
mythology, anthropology, and ecology.

GUNNAR HEINSOHN- Masters Sociology 1971, Doctorate Social Sciences 1973,
Doctorate Economics 1982, Freie Universitat, Berlin; tenured Professor,
University of Bremen 1984. Author of over 15 books and 300 articles
since 1969 in the fields of history, economics, theory and chronology of
civilization, the separation of modern man from Neanderthal, Bronze Age
Mesopotamian civilization, Greek city state economics, origins of Jewish
monotheism, recontructions and revisions of Mesopotamian, Egyptian,
Akhaemenid and Indus-Valley civilizations, the European witch hunts, and
the 20th century Jewish Holocaust.

EARL MILTON- BS 1956, MS inorganic chemistry 1958, doctorate gas phase
spectroscopy University of Lethbridge, Montreal; staff University of
Saskatchewan, photometrics of the aurora borealis; founding faculty
member and head Centennial University at Lethbridge where he engaged in
laboratory research on the aurora and stellar spectra and developed an
all-electric theory governing cosmic and terrestrial events; currently
completing manuscripts on astro-catastrophism including collaboration on
an Encyclopedia of Quantavolution and Catastrophes; editor of
"Recollections of a Fallen Sky, Velikovsky and Cultural Amnesia" and
co-author of "Solaria Binaria: Origins and History of the Solar System"

WILLIAM MULLEN- Recognized as one of the world's leading classicists,
Dr. Mullen is currently Professor of Classics at Bard College.
Undergraduate study- Harvard, Magna cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa, and
Bowdoin prize for best undergraduate essay; Ph.D. University of Texas at
Austin; Assistant Professor of Classics, University of California,
Berkeley. Dr. Mullen is the author of "Choreia; Pindar, and Dance"
(Princeton University Press, 1982), and articles on "Dithyramb" and
addition to many other articles and published works.

DONALD PATTEN- B.A. and M.A. degrees in geography from the University of
Washington. Author of The Biblical Flood and the Ice Epoch (1966), The
Long Day of Joshua and Six Other Catastrophes (1973), and Catastrophism
and the Old Testament (1987). He is also a principal in the production
of two videos, "Cataclysm From Space 2800 B.C." and "The Discovery of
Noah's Ark."

LYNN E. ROSE- Professor of philosophy, State University of New York at
Buffalo; B.A. cum laude, Ohio State University, 1955, in ancient history
and Classical Languages (Greek), Phi Beta Kappa; .M.A. in Philosophy,
Ohio State University, 1957; Ph.D. in Philosophy, University of
Pennsylvania, Author of over a half-dozen books on Classics and several
dozen journal articles.

DAVID TALBOTT- Founder and publisher of Pensee magazine's ten-issue
series, "Immanuel Velikovsky Reconsidered," which helped to spark
international interest in Velikovsky's work in the mid seventies.
Author of "The Saturn Myth" (Doubleday, 1980), and founder of the
journal AEON: A Symposium on Myth and Science.

WALLACE THORNHILL- computer systems engineer with IBM and the Australian
Government; postgraduate Astrophysics studies at Queen Mary College,
University of London; papers on Venus and the origin of chondritic
meteorites have been published in the UK Society for Interdisciplinary
Studies (SIS) Review and the Proceedings of the National Australian
Convention of Amateur Astronomers; Past committee member of SIS.

ROGER W. WESCOTT- B.A. Princeton, (linguistics, summa cum laude); Ph.D.
Princeton, linguistics 1948; Rhodes Scholar; anthropological field work
in Nigeria; director African Language Program, Michigan State
University.; Author of over 40 books and 400 articles; listed in Who's
Who; Professor of Linguistics in the Humanities Division of the Graduate
School and Professor of Anthropology in the Social Science Division of
the College of Liberal Arts at Drew University in Madison, New Jersey;
first holder of The Endowed Chair of Excellence in Humanities at the
University of Tennessee.; current President of the International Society
for the Comparative Study of Civilizations.

SAMUEL WINDSOR- Windsor is a mechanical engineer previously employed by
Boeing and by the Department of the Navy in building nuclear submarines.
Currently working as a naval architect and marine engineer. His
essays have appeared in the journals Catastrophism and Ancient History
and AEON.

TOM VAN FLANDERN- Phd 1969 Yale, celestial mechanics; former director
U. S. Naval Observatory, Celestial Mechanics Branch; teacher of
astronomy and consultant to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory; frequent
contributor to scholarly technical journals and astronomy magazines.
Author- "Dark Matter, Missing Planets, & New Comets".

DUANE VORHEES- Doctorate in American Culture Studies from Bowling Green
State University. His dissertation was "A Cultural and Intellectual
Biography of Immanuel Velikovsky." Dr. Vorhees is currently with the
University of Maryland, Asia Division, teaching American History,
literature and related courses. He is the author of numerous articles
in Kronos and AEON.

IRVING WOLFE- B.A. English and Philosophy 1956, M.A. English 1958,
doctorate Drama 1970 McGill University, Montreal; Professor of Drama,
McGill University 1978 to present; author of over 25 articles and 50
papers on Velikovsky and the role of global catastrophe in the shaping
of ancient and contemporary dramatic themes, in the formation of
cultural amnesia, in the creation of world religions and other forms of
collective behavior; frequent lecturer and consultant outside the

NANCY OWEN- B.S Michegan State University, M.E. University of Texas;
author "Astronomical Events on the Dates of the Dresden Codex" and
"Archeoastronomy in Pre-Columbian America", contributed papers to
Sobretiro de: Estudios de Cultura Maya Vol VIII, SIS Review, , Il
Coloquio Internacional de Mayistas, ESOP, Memorias del Primera Coloqueo
Internacional de Mayistas; presented papers at the Museum of Natural
History, NY, AAAS- Mexico City.

ERIC MILLER- Poet, playwright, writer; former Trustee of Island Campus
(Pacific Institute for Advanced Studies); correspondent with and
performed research for I. Velikovsky; author of "Passion for Murder: The
Homicidal Deeds of Dr. Sigmund Freud" (1985 New Directions), "Venus
Worship In Ancient China" (manuscript), "The Errors of Einstein"

CHARLES RASPIL- B.A. Political Science. 1967, City College of NY;
currently working as a Fair Hearing representative for the City of New
York; published in Horus, The Velikovskian, Proceedings of the
International Forum on New Science.

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