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Thunderbolts of the Gods 
A book that introduces a reconstruction of ancient times based on plasma cosmology and comparative mythology.

Now available with
DVD "tutorial" on the Electric Universe.

The Electric Universe
The last 150 years have seen immense progress in understanding electrical phenomena, and we are seeing voluminous evidence of plasma and magnetic fields (always caused by electric currents) in space. Nevertheless, the conventional cosmology taught today remains essentially a theory based solely on gravity and nuclear fusion. The Electric Universe introduces the universe that many in mainstream science ignore, and authors Wallace Thornhill and David Talbott offer a sweeping critique of today's popular cosmology. They show that galaxies, stars (including our Sun), and comets can be best understood through the well-tested behavior of electricity—the one force about which astronomers seem to know almost nothing, a force that is 1036 or more times as strong as gravity.
    Compelling, highly readable, and superbly illustrated, this book provides a comprehensive introduction to what will surely be the beginnings of a scientific revolution in the years ahead. The Electric Universe understanding eliminates the need for the highly imaginative, sensational yet logic-breaking constructs of black holes,  dark matter and energy, and replaces them with laboratory demonstrated plasma phenomena.

Full-color graphics, 8.5” x 11", soft cover, 132 pages

For complete information including Introduction see:
The Electric Universe info

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Intrinsic Redshift Lecture DVD
Outstanding 60 min. Lecture from September 2000 conference featuring Halton Arp talking about intrinsic redshift and a new cosmology that replaces the "Big Bang". Arp is arguably the most eminent astronomy alive today, he has hundreds of galaxies named after him, he is know as a prodigious and careful observer of the heavens concentrating on unusual galaxies and quasars, he has a devoted following of both professional and amateur astronomers and cosmologists, and he marshals unequivocal evidence for a negation of the redshift=recessional velocity cornerstone of modern cosmology.

A video documentary that could begin to change most everything you think you know about how the physical universe works.

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Electric Sun/Planetary Electrical Scarring Lecture DVD
Two groundbreaking lectures featuring material on the "Electric Universe". The "Electric Sun", a 34 minute lecture by Electrical Engineer Don Scott. "Planetary Scarring", a 45 minute lecture by Physicist Wal Thornhill.

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Synopsis: Exploring the Electric Universe


In the wake of recent discoveries, a new way (it's actually the ancient way)of seeing the physical universe is re-emerging. The new vantage point emphasizes the roles of plasma and electricity in space and significantly reduces the contribution of gravity in cosmic events.

Data returned by high-powered telescopes and recent space probes have challenged astronomers' long-standing assumptions about galaxies and their constituent stars, about the evolution of our solar system, and about the nature and history of Earth.

The new findings also suggest that our early ancestors witnessed stunning electrical events in the heavens—the true source of myths and symbols around the world.
Plasma and World Mythology
Plasma Formations in the Ancient Sky

Plasma in the lab

What is plasma?
A plasma is any substance that contains charged particles: negatively charged electrons, positively charged ions, or dust particles that have an excess of either electrons or ions.
Plasma: The other 99.9%

Significance of plasma research
Numerous experiments in plasma laboratories throw new light on natural events and resolve many mysteries left unexplained by modern perspectives in the sciences.
Seeing More Electricity in Space

What is a charged particle?
Charged particles are essential building blocks of atomic matter. Electrons are “packets” of negative charge, and protons are “packets” of positive charge.
Seeing Electricity in Space

Strength of the electric force
The electric force—the force that holds electrons and protons in atomic structure—is the foundation of the material world. It is 1039 times more powerful than gravity.

Magnetism and magnetic fields are the result of electrical activity, and one makes a great mistake by starting with magnetism and ignoring electric charge and currents. Such, though, is essentially the state of modern cosmology carried over from the early days of using magnetometers on the surface of the earth to measure changes happening on the sun.

Plasma Cosmology

Today, we are seeing things in space that were never imagined.

Magnetic fields in space
We detect magnetic fields everywhere, even in the 'empty' depths of intergalactic space. Magnetic fields cannot exist without causative electric currents.
Magnetic Lines to Infinity

Redshift problems
These and other discoveries require us to reconsider the big picture of the universe, with an emphasis on electricity in space. Red shift is primarily not due to recessional velocity, and therefore does not equal distance, but is mostly dependent upon the electric charge environment of the object being measured.

The early pioneers, Birkeland, Langmuir, and others including Alfven and Juergens, in this field have inspired a new school of investigation called plasma cosmology and, more recently, the "electric universe".
The Electric Universe: Part I Bodies and Circuits

First came the plasma
The visible universe can be shown to be constituted almost entirely of electrically active plasma. The electric force is 39 orders of magnitude stronger than gravity. This means that when electrical forces are in play, gravity can probably be ignored.
Solid Plasma

No frivolous constructs
Plasma cosmology has achieved surprising success in predicting major discoveries of the space age. Plasma cosmology does not require such imaginary mathematical constructions as the Big Bang, dark matter, dark energy, and Black Holes.
Big Bang a Big Loser in 2005

There are no isolated islands in space. All matter in space is connected by manifestations of the electric force. The electric force operates between matter at all levels, from subatomic particles to galactic clusters.
Seeing Circuits (2)

Electricity is the primary force organizing cosmic structure in the heavens, some structure even being magnitudes of light years in size.

Galaxies and Galactic Clusters

Galaxy and galactic cluster structure can be seen to be scaled up aspects of plasma discharge. The huge problems with galactic dynamics, involving the fudging with dark matter and dark energy, disappear with the electric model.
Galaxies Behaving Badly & Galactic Rotation: Point or Axis?

Globular clusters
Globular clusters are seen to be aggregations of stars that are static, that is they are not revolving around a center of gravity but just hanging there.
M15: A Great Globular Cluster


Nebular structures organized by electricity
Many nebular structures, jets, rings, hourglass formations, spirals, etc. can be seen as being organized and maintained by the electrical force. It is inconceivable that gravity alone could account for the size and shapes that we find in outer space.
On the Wings of a Butterfly & A "Tornado" in Space

Electric Stars

Focal points of charge
Stars are formed at the focal points of electric discharge in dusty space plasma.
Electric Stars in Action

Powered externally by current
It is electricity that energizes the stars, our Sun included. Due to the nature of electrical discharge, the temperature of the Sun increases above the photosphere, to coronal temperatures of 2 million degrees.
Electric Stars

Huge stellar electric fields
All stars possess an electric field. As charged particles of the solar wind move away from the Sun, they continue to be accelerated due to the Sun's electric field. Only electric fields are required to accelerate charged particles in space.

Stellar phenomena explained by current
The size of a star and its color are determined electrically and may change suddenly, which DOES happen. Star categorization has little or nothing to do with age or stellar evolution due to new nuclear processes, and everything to do with star charge and the feeding Birkeland Current level..
V838 Mon

Novae and supernovae
These are not caused by gravitational collapse lighting new nuclear fusion processes, but are the non-linear response of stars to external electrical overload and stress.
Electric Supernovae

The Sun

Popular ideas about the Sun have not fared well under the tests of a scientific theory. The formulators of the standard Sun model worked with gravity, gas laws, and nuclear fusion. But closer observation of the Sun has shown that electrical and magnetic properties dominate solar behavior.

The late Russian scientist, Nikolai A. Kozyrev (1908-1983), a major player in astrophysics, the discoverer of lunar vulcanism and the atmosphere of Mercury, amongst many other things, conducted for his doctoral thesis, a very detailed phenomenological study of the 'Sources of Stellar Energy and the Theory of the Internal Constitution of Stars'. Most astrophysical western astrophysical scientists are entirely ignorant of this penetrating study. Kozyrev concluded, without identifying the source of stellar energy, that stars are machines that generate radiant energy; that Bethe's nitrogen-carbon cycle is not the source of stellar energy (i.e. not due to nuclear fusion); that the central temperatures of stars are insufficient for nuclear reactions; that Einstein's mass-energy relation does not account for the radiant energy of stars; that the Hertzsprung-Russell main sequence has no physical meaning and is in fact quite senseless; that the luminosity of stars is not explained by theoretical thermodynamics as we know it. Kozyrev's thesis can be obtained here:
See also:
Projecting Nuclear Fusion onto the Sun

Electric Universe proponents claim that solar radiation energy production is external not internal. This is one way of clarifying the difference in approach and merit, between the prevailing gravity-only cosmology versus plasma cosmology.
Solar Power, Internal or External?

The Sun is the focus of a "coronal glow discharge" fed by galactic currents.

Throughout most of the volume of a glow discharge the plasma is nearly neutral. But the charge density is far higher closer to the Sun, and at the solar corona and surface the electric field is strong enough to generate all of the energetic phenomena we observe.
The Electric Glow of the Sun

In the electrical model, the Sun is the “anode” or positively charged body in the electrical exchange, while the "cathode" or negatively charged contributor is not a discrete object, but the invisible “virtual cathode” of space at the limit of the Sun’s coronal discharge.
Making Sense of Emptiness

Anomalous sunspot behavior continues to baffle solar physicists. Even the cause of sunspots remains elusive, and the more detailed pictures only seem to push the answers farther down the path.
Sunspots Still Surprise Investigators

In January 2005, some remarkable things happened on the Sun, and the implications are still reverberating through the scientific community. While it often takes more than 24 hours for the charged particles of a solar outburst to reach the Earth, this one was a profound exception. Just thirty minutes after the explosion, Earth (some 96 million miles from the Sun) was immersed in what NASA scientists called “the most intense proton storm in decades”.
The Explosion that Shattered Solar Theory

The electric force is never mentioned in astronomy although it is the most powerful force in Nature. It is dismissed because simplistic electrostatic models do not match observations. Yet plasma cosmologists are able to successfully match electrodynamic models to observations without conjuring invisible matter and inventing new forces.
Of Pith Balls and Plasma


Comet Discoveries Have Consistently Produced Surprises
The study of comets in recent years has revealed many anomalies yet to be understood by comet observers. Most importantly, the new discoveries accent the inability of gravitational theory to account for the full range of comet behavior.
Comets, Gravity, and Electricity

The Reason For These “Surprises”
Comets are electrically charged bodies moving on elliptical orbits through the Sun's electric field. This movement is the reason why comets discharge as they approach the Sun, producing visible tails.
When Comets Break Apart

Are Comets Hot and Dry, or Cold and “Icy?”
Mainstream cometologists have long-held to the belief that comets are “dirty snowballs” sublimating in the Sun. But the Space Age has revealed that many comets are solid rocks with dry surfaces.
The Missing Water of Comet Tempel 1

Why Do Comets Sometimes Explode?
Only the electric force can account for such phenomena as the breaking up of comets tens of millions of miles from the Sun, as in the case of Comet Linear.
The Explosive Demise of Comet Linear

Why Are Comets So Massively “Sculpted”?
Cometary nuclei reveal deeply cratered surfaces due to electric arcing. Since comet nuclei are eroded electrically, they could not survive across eons of solar system history.
Comets: The Loose Thread

"Deep Impact"
Prior to the arrival of the “Deep Impact” spacecraft at the comet Tempel 1, the Thunderbolts crew offered a specific series of predictions based on the “electric comet” model.
Predictions on “Deep Impact”

Tempel 1 seems to confirm the most dramatic prediction of the electric comet model: that on close inspection an active comet nucleus will reveal the electrical arcs that progressively etch away the surface and accelerate material into space. From the electrical vantage point, Tempel 1 is a “low voltage comet”, but the process etching process appears to be sufficiently active to make our case.
Deep Impact—The Smoking Guns?

The single most dramatic prediction of the electric comet model is this: on close inspection an active comet nucleus will reveal the electrical arcs that progressively etch away the surface and accelerate material into space. From the electrical vantage point, Tempel 1 is a “low voltage comet”, but the etching process appears to be sufficiently active to make our case.

Comet Jets
Prior to the Stardust mission, project scientists predicted that Comet Wild 2 would prove to be "a dirty, black, fluffy snowball" with a couple of jets that would be "dispersed into a halo". Instead they found more than two-dozen jets that "remained intact"-they did not disperse in the fashion of a gas in a vacuum. The unexpected blast of particles hitting Stardust is one small ding for the spacecraft's shield, but the Wild 2 anomalies are one giant fender-bender for the dirty snowball theory.
The Jets of Comet Wild 2 & The Jets of Hale-Bopp

The first results from NASA's Stardust mission are in, leaving mission scientists in a state of shock and awe. The tiny fragments of comet dust brought back to Earth did not accrete in the cold of space, but were formed under “astonishingly” high temperatures.
“Stardust” Shatters Comet Theory


The many moons of the solar system have been especially accessible for the space exploration program. Not only do these show widespread electrical scarring, but some of the moons of Jupiter and Saturn are visibly discharging to their gas giant.
Electric Jets on Io
Electric Io Revisited

Earth's moon not only also shows the signs of heavy EDM scarring by its many circular crates and distinctive rilles, but has pockets of remanant magnetism and occasion displays of plasma phenomena.
Lunar Craters—a Failed Theory
Transient Lunar Phenomena

Planetary Science

Electricity and Planetary Upheaval
In the recent history of the solar system, its electrical environment changed. Under changing electrical conditions planetary orbits changed as well.
Lightning-Scarred Gods and Monsters

The Telltale Signs of Electrical Scarring
Close approaches of planets led to powerful electric arcing between planets and moons. All rocky bodies in the solar system show the massive scars of these electrical discharges, which have distinctive, unmistakable features and aspects.
Craters & Rilles

Laboratory study of the way electric arcs affect surface materials will soon challenge traditional geologic models. The evidence will show that the cosmic “thunderbolt” dominated planetary evolution.
The Electric Universe—A Status Report

On Mars, evidence of recent catastrophic ELECTRICAL effects is overabundant. Only the electrical force can account for huge Martian trenches and canyons, including Valles Marineris, which stretches more than 3,000 miles across the Martian surface.
Message of Valles Marineris

So-called Martian “volcanoes” cannot be explained as “lava tubes.” The channels look more like plasma discharge scars.
More Strange Lava Tubes of Mars

Large craters on Mars contain mysterious spherical domes. The objects bear a striking similarity to the spheres and craters in Dr. C.J. Ransom’s electrical discharge experiments.
Domed Craters on Mars

In Mars’ thin and dry atmosphere, dust devils are the equivalent of Earthly lightning. And they, too, leave behind a record of their passing burned into the soil.
Burned by a Dust Devil

The Electric Force on Planets Today
The “surprises” on Mars have been equaled by the revelations on our other planetary neighbors. Nothing much is supposed to have happened on Saturn and its moons for billions of years. But the Cassini probe is discovering evidence of a recent event, and a thunderbolt scar indicates what that event might have been.
An Electrical Blister on Titan

Electric discharge offers the most direct and complete explanation of the scarring patterns observed globally on Enceladus.
Electric Scars on Enceladus

Electric discharge scarring is occurring at this moment between the planet Jupiter and its moon Io.
Retrospective on Io

On Jupiter's moon Europa electrical scarring created a mass of interlocking trenches, some of them running a thousand kilometers or more.
Europa Caught in the Middle

Electric Earth

The Earth is an electrified body, moving in a plasma. We who stand on its surface are seldom aware of its electrical properties.
The Electric Earth

Although this explanation was strenuously resisted by the astronomical community, it is now well known that auroras are caused by streams of electrical particles cascading high above the polar latitudes. Higher electrical activity on the sun resulting in flares, CME's, and proton storms can result in extraordinary and spectacular auroras.
Parallel Auroras

Earth Geology

The Earth has many significant features due to electric discharge Machining (EDM), including major river channels and most of the tourist's favorite geological features.
Southern Utah's Catastrophic Past

Earth Weather

Earth's atmosphere is an insulating medium separating the charge on the surface from the charge in the surrounding space plasma. A complex of "double layers" distributes the potential difference between the surface and space much like a series of capacitors.
Weather: Fair, Foul, and Electric

Because the Earth is a small charged body moving in a large cell of plasma, explanations of all physical phenomena in, on, and near the Earth must take the electrical behavior of plasma into account.
Tornadoes as Electric Discharge

What are we to think about giant lightning bolts to space? Can we think of space as neutral or empty in the face of these spectacular discharges?
Giant Lightning to Space

Until scientists witnessed the unexpected behavior of colossal whirlwinds on Mars, they did not think to ask if electricity might be an important aspect of terrestrial dust devils or even of small whirlwinds.
Something New in the Wind

Civilization's interest in predicting the location and time of damaging earthquakes is obvious. The potential for devastation of property that otherwise could be secured, and the loss of life that otherwise could be prevented, are powerful reasons to find predictive factors.
Sunspots and Earthquakes

Earth Disasters

It seems that scientific investigation has left the mystery of the fiery Tunguska explosion unresolved. From the beginning, the debate excluded the electric force, the one force that allows for a unified solution and excludes no field of evidence.
Tunguska—the Fire in the Sky

All investigators of the Chicago fire and its devastating regional counterparts rely on human testimony. But how should we view such testimony when it suggests things that are not currently believed? Good science will not ignore witnesses when, in unison, they suggest new lines of investigation.
The Great Chicago Fire

For much more information about the Electric Universe see:


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